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Let's walk around the pier! There may be new discoveries!?

Let's walk around the pier!

A leisurely Cruise Tour[Straw ring around the Pier]Shiba

Searching for the historical spots from Edo to Showa!
Historical romantic walk!
Nihonbashi is the starting point of Tokaido. Do you know that its starting point was Shiba when it was first built in around 1601? Shiba is in the center of Tokyo, which is very important to Edo Bakufu (Tokugawa Bakufu). Let’s feel the history of Shiba while walking in the still remained and historical temples and parks.

If you go towards Shiba, there are 3 piers nearby, which are Hamarikyu, Hinode and Shibaura. However, all of them are not really “near”. If you depart from Hinode and Shibaura, you’d better choose bus, and if you depart from Hamarikyu, please take the Oedo line of Toei Subway.

Then we’ll introduce the route from Hamarikyu this time. Of course you can walk to there, since there is just one station distance by electric train. It is good to try to walk according to the weather and mood. If you go the long way round while walking, you may find something unknown, so we recommend this.

Hamarikyu Gardens

Hamarikyu Gardens still remains the style of “tide entering pool”, which can lead ocean water into Gardens. With the rise and fall of the tides, the Gardens scenery is magnificent. It was Tokugawa's Eagle Hunting Field in the Edo period. And it became royal detached palace in the Meiji era. It was opened to the public in Showa. The Gardens have a long history from Edo era till now, advancing with Tokyo. In addition, there are tea houses and small shops in the gardens, so you can have a rest when you feel tired.

1-1 Hamarikyu Gardens, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

After fully enjoying the Hamarikyu Gardens, let’s go towards “Shiodome station” in Oedo Line of Toei Subway. It takes about five minutes from the exit of "Nakanogomon-bashi Bridge”. Go left to Kaigan Street which is at the back of Hamarikyu Gardens. Turn right from “Hamarikyu-teien-mae cross point”, and then go straight. Turn right from “Shiodome-minami cross point” in front, then there is the “Shiodome station”.

If you get off at “Daimon station” and exit, you can see “Zojoji Temple's Gate” at the end of the road. In Edo era, the road in front of the door was the Omotesando to Zojoji Temple, now it is a public thoroughfare, so there is nothing remains. If you want to visit the Zojoji Temple, you can enter along this Omotesando. You can go to the “Three Liberations Door” by walking for 108 ken (Old distance unit / about 195 metres) away from the "Zojoji Temple's Gate". It is said that you can get rid of 108 kinds of annoyances while through “Three Liberations Gate”.

Zojoji Temple

Zojoji Temple has a long history of 600 years. It is said that there were above 3,000 monks in its most prosperous time. It also known as Bodaiji for Tokugawa Family, and there are 6 generals buried here such as the second generation general Tokugawa Hidetada. In addition, there is a “Zojoji Temple Treasure Showroom” set under the main temple hall. Besides the model of “Daitoku Yard Hall Temple”, which was burnt and disappeared in flames of wars, such showroom also hosts several small exhibitions each year.

4-7-35 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Covering a spacious area, Zojoji temple is surrounded by a park called “Shiba Park” with flat and beautiful green land. Do you know that it is one of the most ancient parks in Japan? According to Dajokan’s announcement in 1873, the 5 places of Shiba, Ueno, Asakusa, Fukagawa, Asukayama were chosen as the oldest park in Japan.

Nowadays, in the park, there are “Zojoji temple”, “Minato District Library”, “Tokyo prince hotel”, and tennis court, baseball field are also set. And there are about 200 Yoshino Sakura, Yamazakura, Satozakura planted in the park, so it is crowded with many people in the season of Hanami.

Tokyo Tower

There are two floors observatory set as “main deck (150 meter)” and “top deck (250 meter)”. You can overlook Mount Fuji and Boso Peninsula when the weather is fine. In addition, there are also observatory cafe which is called “Cafe la Tour” and shops selling official goods on the main deck, where you can enjoy shopping

4-2-8 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Are you still immersed in the historical romantic walk? This time we only make simple introduction, but there are still many historical spots nearby. For example, there is a “Atago Jinja” in the north of “Tokyo Tower”, which has a history of 400 years. In the west, there is a “Mohri Garden” in “Roppongi Hills”, which is known as the old site of Nagato Chofu Seignior·Mohri Tsunamoto's Azabu residence. In the south, there is "Satsuma Domain Mita Domain Old Site " and so on.

From the ancient time of Edo era, there are many historical points remained in Tokyo. You can enjoy the walking while searching the history hided in this city. Of course, you can enjoy delicious gourmets by the way and then keep walking.

Shiba Pier Information

Here is the pier where you can go to Shiba

Update Date : 9/20/2018
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