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Let's walk around the pier! There may be new discoveries!?

Let's walk around the pier!

A leisurely Cruise Tour[Straw ring around the Pier]Tsukiji·Tsukishima

From Edomae-sushi to Monzyayaki!
Tokyo gourmets walking
This is “Tsukiji outer market”, which is called “the kitchen of Tokyo”. And "Tsukishima Monja Street” is known as “Monzyayaki’s maker”. Do you know that they are very near in practice? Let’s enjoy the landscape which remains the atmosphere of Shitamachi, and walk through the gourmet spot representing Tokyo.

If you overlook Sumida River from the Akashicho (St-Luke's Garden) Pier, you may see “Tsukuda Ohashi Bridge” on the left and “Kachidoki Bridge” on the right. First let’s walk towards “Kachidoki Bridge”. Because this area is near the sea rather than "along the river", so the mood including the breeze and tides is the greatest.

Akashimachi nearby, with a pier, was “foreigners’ stay place” before, and it is said that that’s why it survived the Bombing of Tokyo. Because of this, “Gas Street Light Pillar” and “Catholic Tsukiji Church” have remained as before. If you have time, we suggest you to walk nearby.

Kachidoki Bridge

For the traffic of big ships, Kachidoki Bridge is set as a “folding bridge”, with its center opens and closes. It was completed in year Showa 15 (1940). At that time, it has the famous reputation of No.1 bridge of Toyo due to its scale. However, because of the reducing of ships traffic through Sumida River, its final open and close was in year Showa 45 (1970), and now it cannot open anymore. Beside the Tsukiji of the bridge, there is an Archive. If you are interested in it, you can go there.

Harumi Street, 6 Tsukiji - 1 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
03-3543-5672 (Kachidoki Bridge Archive)

When arriving at Kachidoki Bridge, don’t go through the bridge, just walk straight the Harumi Street towards Ginza. After walking about 150 meters, you can see “Tsukiji Rokuchome Cross Point”. On the left of there, it is the area called “Tsukiji”. There are many shops from the main roads to lanes.

There are more than 460 shops in rows in “Tsukiji Outer Market”, which has a long history since Taisho Period. There are all things about food, from fresh food materials to cooking tools. Of course there are many delicious restaurants such as “Edomae-sushi”. It is a great area to buy Tokyo local specialty.

Tsukiji outer market shopping arcade

There are many shoppers in boisterous "Tsukiji Outer Market”. Not only suppliers, but also general customers can purchase something here. There are “Raw Tunny” specialty stores, famous “Sushi Zanmai” main store known by media, and “Lamian noodles” with many shrimps. You can taste any delicious food here. It is forbidden to “eat while walking” in the road, so let’s enjoy delicious food inside the stores.

4 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku
03-3541-9466 (Tsukiji outer market shopping arcade revitalization union)

"After adequately walking and eating through Tsukiji, let’s visit “Tsukiji Honganji” with a full stomach. It is near “Tsukiji Yonchome Cross Point” where Harumi Street crosses with Shin-ohashi Street. It is on the right while walking through Shin-ohashi Street and going towards Tokyo Metro line “Tsukiji station” for about 50 meters.

Its characteristic is its appearance which makes you feel the structure style of India and Islam. As a matter of fact, a temple should let you think about torii and tile roof, however, this temple is full of exotic atmosphere. It is a classic Japanese Buddhism·Jodo Shinshu temple. In addition, there are no “amulets”, “hierograms”, “mikuji” or “scarlet seals” in Jodo Shinshu.

Tsukiji Honganji

The professor Ito Chuta in Faculty of Engineering,Tokyo (Imperial) University motivated from the ancient Indian Buddhism buildings and designed the masonry temple. In this building, there are also beautiful stained glasses, and big pipe organs. It makes you think of the “Silk Road”, which was the origin of Buddhism. While feeling the fully exotic atmosphere, your heart will be in peace.

3-15-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

After enjoying “Tsukiji Honganji”, let’s go back to “Kachidoki Bridge” through Harumi Street. This time, let’s go through the bridge, and go straight. Then turn left at the first signal “Tsukishima Daini-Yosho-mae Cross Point”. After walking about 150 meters, then we arrive at “Tsukishima Monja Street”.

Not only in two sides of the road, there are also a large amount of Monzyayaki stores in main roads and lanes, it is famous food in Shitamachi. The great aroma of Monzyayaki flows everywhere. You can eat it as both snacks and meals. Please fully taste Monzyayaki, which represents the food culture of Tokyo.

Tsukishima Monja Street

There are more than 80 "Monja-yaki" restaurants gathered in Tsukishima. "Tsukishima Monja Street" is the area where many of them are located in. There are lots of very popular restaurants, such as "Monja Kindo Main Store" which is a long-established store opened in 1950, "Iroha Main Store" where customers are waiting in a queue even before opening time etc. At First Avenue, the Tsukishima Monjya Promotion Society has plenty of souvenirs as well.

1-8-1-103 Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
03-3532-1990 (Tsukishima Monja Promotion Society Cooperative Association)

Did you enjoy Tokyo gourmet? Let's walk to the pier to help with digestion after having the meal. By the way, if your current location is close to "Fourth Avenue" of "West Nakadori Shopping Street", you can go to "Asashio Canal Pier". If you are close to "First Avenue", then please walk towards "Etchujima Pier".

★ In order to get to "Asashio Canal Pier", please return to Harumi Street, then go straight in the opposite direction to "Kachidoki Bridge", the pier can be found at the first bridge on your way.

★ In order to get to "Etchujima Pier", please go straight to "Kiyosumi Street" on the south side of "West Nakadori Shopping Street". After getting out of this street, go straight towards "Monzen-nakacho". The pier can be found at the first bridge on your way.

Both "Tsukiji" and "Tsukishima" have quite a lot of shops so that you may not be able to walk around there in a single day. If you are a foodie, you may need more time or even multiple days to find your favorite shops.

Tsukiji·Tsukishima Pier Information

Here is the pier where you can go to Tsukiji·Tsukishima

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