Posted the pier information! Let's check the pier information!

Posted the pier information!

Akashichō(St-Luke's Garden) Pier Pier Information

The pier "Akashi-cho, ST Luke's Garden Mae" is located in front of the skyscraper twin tower "ST Luke's Garden." You can enjoy "Kachidoki-bashi Bridge" and "Tsukuda-Ohashi Bridge" light up at night.

Because it is an unattended landing place, ticket sale is done onboard. Please wait at the boarding entrance.

Akashichō(St-Luke's Garden) Pier
14 Akashi-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
03-5608-8869 / Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation Park Association
(9:00~17:30 *Monday closed, if it's a holiday, the next day closed.)
7 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line "Tsukiji Station" exit 3
No Ticket Office

Here is the pier where you can go to Akashichō(St-Luke's Garden) Pier

Update Date:7/1/2022
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