Posted the pier information! Let's check the pier information!

Posted the pier information!

Haneda Kuko Pier Pier Information

Haneda Airport Pier located on the left bank of The Tama River (Tokyo) in the Haneda Airport Area. A stylish gate door written as "Haneda Airport Wharf" is a landmark.

Because it is an unattended landing place, ticket sale is done onboard. Please wait at the boarding entrance.
The pier is also closest from "Haneda Airport" and "Haneda Airport International Terminal" of course.

Haneda Kuko Pier
2-8 Haneda Airport,Ota-ku, Tokyo
045-290-8377 / KMC Co., Ltd
(10:00~18:00 *Weekdays only)
12 minutes on foot from Tokyo Monorail "Tenkubashi Station" Exit A1
12 minutes on foot from The Keikyu Airport Line "Haneda Airport Terminal 3" ticket gate.
No Ticket Office

Here is the pier where you can go to Haneda Kuko Pier

Update Date:7/1/2022
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